Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge is a village that is situated in the county of Cheshire in the north west of England between Macclesfield and Manchester. The village is currently a parish in the Macclesfield Borough in the county. It is thought that people have settled in this area since prehistoric times and there is also evidence of Roman settlements here as well.

Alderley Edge first made the official record books in the 13th century when it was referred to as Chorlegh although the name Alderley dates back in some form or other in the region to the 11th century. During medieval times the area of Alderley Edge and its close neighbour Nether Alderley were predominantly agricultural and were the site of various manor estates and houses. Over time many of these estates were taken over by the famous local de Trafford family.

From an industrial perspective the area has been mined for copper since the Bronze Age although the boom period for this kind of mining here really started in the 17th century until it wound down in the early 20th century. Industrialisation during the Industrial Revolution also brought a railway station to the area in the mid 1800s. This station was called Alderley Edge to avoid confusion with Chorley in Lancashire which led to the ultimate name change of the village. Over the next few years the town went through a resurgence in popularity with many visitors using the railway for days out in the village and much building and development work being taken on by the de Trafford family.

Alderley Edge is perhaps most well known for many people for its location on a sandstone ridge which is known as The Edge. This steep ridge, with its rich woodland, looks down on the Cheshire Plain and gives some fantastic views of the local countryside. The Edge is now owned and managed by the National Trust and has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its interesting geological make up. The motto on the town’s coat of arms - In Praecipiti Stantem - is roughly translated as meaning ‘Steadfast on the Edge’.

This is just one of the reasons for the popularity of Alderley Edge as a tourist destination. Other visitor attractions include the copper mines in the area which can be visited bi-annually. It is also popular to make a visit to Chorley Old Hall to the south west of the town - this listed building is considered to be the oldest manor house still standing in the county of Cheshire. The estate at Alderley Park is also a popular visitor destination.