Lymm is a village in the north west of England. It is part of the county of Cheshire and a civil parish of Warrington. The village lies near Warrington and Altrincham. The name of Lymm is thought to date back to Celtic times. It means the place with running water and the name was most likely given because a stream once ran through the village itself.

Lymm is centrally placed for many of the regions canal ways including the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal. The Bridgewater Canal actually runs through the village and made a significant impact on the local economy when it was built in the 1770s. Later, the advent of the railway and a station in the village had much the same effect. For many years the village was part of the Lymm Hall Estate.

Lymm is an extremely popular destination for visitors. The village contains some fine examples of historic architecture and the centre of Lymm as a whole is a conservation area. Architecture lovers will enjoy looking at the Town Hall, Lymm Hall, Foxley Hall and Oughtrington Hall and Lodge (which is now the site of Lymm High School).

The High School in Lymm does itself have an interesting history. This state school dates back to at least the early 1500s and was given a Royal Charter in the early 1600s. The school has moved around various locations in the village over the years until Cheshire County Council purchased Oughtrington Hall for the school and it gradually moved to that location.

The village’s churches are also worth a visit. It is thought, for example, that there has been a church on the site of St Mary’s since the 10th century. The village cross is classified as a listed structure and is also of interest to many people. Opinion differs as to when the cross was actually constructed with some people it was erected in the 14th century and others believing that it was built in the 17th century. The cross itself would once have been a hub of most activities in the village.

Walkers can also walk along the old railway line which is now part of the Trans Pennine Trail. The Lymm Dam is also popular with visitors and locals. This is a lake lined by trees which is now a nature reserve. This spot is particularly popular with local anglers.