Stapeley is a small hamlet type of village in the north west of England. Situated in the county of Cheshire, Stapeley lies a couple of miles south of the town of Nantwich and is part of the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich itself. Stapeley is also close to the villages of Willaston, Wybunbury and Shavington. As a parish Stapeley also incorporates the hamlets of Butt Green and Broad Lane and some areas of Artle Brook, Haymoor Green and Howbeck Bank.

Stapeley is a small place whose history dates back to at least the Domesday Book in recorded terms. Its reference in the Domesday Book itself calls the village Steple and lists one William Malbank as a person of importance in the area. It is thought that this William Malbank was a Baron who was given parts of the locality to rule by the Earl of Cheshire, Hugh. The Malbank family played a major part in the development of this area of Cheshire for many decades.

Stapeley is a popular place to live and there are many new developments and traditional homes in and around the village. It is quite common for people to relocate to this area of Cheshire to live as it is within an easy commute of the larger towns and cities of the region.

Stapeley is also equally popular with visitors to the area. For example, it is the home of the Stapeley Water Gardens. This attraction was awarded the accolade of being one of Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction in Cheshire’s Year of Gardens in 2008. The Water Gardens at Stapeley are built around a garden and water garden centre. The site also has a camping and outdoor centre, an angling centre and the Palms Tropical Oasis. So, visitors can shop for products or simply take some time browsing around the gardens or looking at the wildlife that lives here.

This attraction consistently proves popular with younger visitors. The Palms Tropical Oasis is home to over 100 species of tropical animals, birds and fish as well as a stunning range of tropical plants. Current examples of the wildlife that is housed at Stapeley Water gardens includes Meerkats, Coatis, Toucans, Sharks, Tarantulas, Piranhas, Crocodiles, Pythons and Poison Dart Frogs. There is also a café and gift shop on the site. Whilst visiting Stapeley it is also worth while investigating the opportunities to walk, hike or cycle in the surrounding countryside. The village is, after all, located in some of the north west’s most impressive scenery.