Sandbach in the north west of England lies in the county of Cheshire. The town dates back to ancient times - it was referred to by the Saxons as Sanbec in the 1000s and as Sondbache in the 1200s. It is thought that the name Sandbach is derived from the Anglo Saxon phrase sand baece (sand stream/valley).

The entry for the town on the Domesday Book registers that it was a big enough place at this point to warrant having its own dedicated church and serving priest. For many of the early years here the town was ruled by Richard de Sandbach who was the High Sheriff of Cheshire. In the late 1500s the town was granted market town status which also gave the townspeople the right to hold two fairs a year. The market that was established here on a Thursday is still in existence in the town to this day.

One of the most prominent families in Sandbach in recent times was the Foden family. This family built up two large and well known lorry manufacturing companies (Foden and ERF) which played a major part in the local economy for a long time. Nowadays, however, the companies have been sold on and lorries are no longer made in the town.

The town itself is also home to two crosses that can be found in the original market square. These crosses are of particular historical significance and interest because they date back to Saxon times. It is not known exactly when the crosses were built - it could have been any time between the 7th to 9th centuries. Sandbach's crosses have been designated as being Scheduled Ancient Monuments. It is believed that the crosses were erected to mark the acceptance of Christianity in the area.

The fact is that Sandbach is full of interesting listed buildings. St Mary’s Church, Sandbach School and the Old Hall Hotel are all worth a visit on this basis. Sandbach School, for example, was originally a charity parish school that was set up in the 1600s.

Visitors to Sandbach may also well enjoy a visit to the Sandbach Flashes. These are areas of wetlands which are of particular interest to walkers and nature lovers. The town is also host to a yearly transport festival which attracts visitors from all over the country. The festival also hosts the National Town Criers’ Competition.

Sandbach also hosts an annual transport festival, you can see pictures by clicking the link below.